A warm welcome to Stom-Life.co.uk

A website created by Claire and Ian Jones living in Suffolk, England to tell of our journey as a family before and after having a Stoma - in Claire's case an ileostomy.

Through the website we hope to be able to give people who may facing similar situations some brief answers to questions they may have. When Claire was told she might need a stoma it was a Friday night, the hospital was closed due to the noro-virus and there was no-one we could talk to. We needed somewhere to help us begin to answer our questions. Obviously on the Monday once we got to speak to medical staff and the stoma nurses then many of our questions were answered but having nowhere to turn to made the weekend very long & frightening for both of us. 

This website is not intended to be a substitute for information from qualified professionals however we believe it would have helped us to understand a little bit more about life with a stoma and would have reassured us that life would go on!

This website is always being updated and is evolving so please do come back, thank you.

Claire and Ian on Claire's 40th Birthday - 9 months after having her Stoma.

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