This is a list of my "can't be without" items that I use all the time when changing my pouch. I generally change my pouch every other day .... occasionally I can go longer and sometimes it will need changing everyday. I was given a small black holdall when I was in hospital and had my stoma surgery. All the stuff I use every day (about 10 days worth of kit) is kept in this bag and it hangs on the back of the ensuite door. 

This bag gets replenished as and when ... any extra kit is stored in a separate holdall in my cupboard. When I get a delivery it gets sorted and packed into the cupboard holdall so that I know where everything is. This keeps everything discreet and tidy. When I am down to two weeks worth of supplies left then I reorder from my delivery company. I use AlphaMed who were the company my Stoma nurse first put me. There are numerous companies around. Different NHS trusts and hospitals seem to have links with different one and you are free to choose and change companies if you want to.

 1: A supply of pouches. Currently I'm using the Sensura Mio 1 piece drainable.I have tried several pouches over the years especially as new products are introduced - at the moment this is the best one I have found as it allows me to lead a very active lifestyle. 

View the Sensura Mio 

2: Adhesive Remover. I use the Pelican Adhesive Remover Spray. It is one I have been using since the beginning. It has a slight peppermint scent and it works well. These products are essential to help remove the pouch from your skin. I also use some Adhesive Remover Wipes to make sure that any residue is also removed from the skin before applying a new pouch.
Pelican Healthcare

      These are the Adhesive Remover wipes     that I use.

3: Barrier Wipes. I use LBF Non-Sting Barrier Wipes. Some form of barrier is essential to help protect the skin around the stoma. There are numerous variations of barrier creams and wipes around. I like the wipe because it is effective and does not leave a greasy residue. I have also tried a couple of barrier creams - Coloplast Brava Barrier Cream and an LBF Barrier Cream. I find these really good for occasional use, especially if my skin is sore BUT i have to wipe off residue or I find that my bag has a tendancy to leak. These are available from CliniMed.
4: Wet Wipes, Dry Wipes, Curved Scissors and Disposal Bags - These are all supplied by my delivery company. The disposal bags are used to contain all the waste from a pouch change and can be disposed in the bin with normal rubbish. Wet wipes are used to clean the area around the stoma to make sure that it is all clean before applying a new pouch and dry wipes keep everything dry. I also use dry wipes to cover my stoma when I come out of the shower. When I do a pouch change I try to tie it with a shower if possible. I then remove the old pouch, shower, then cover my stoma with a dry wipe whilst I shower. This means I can get the skin around my stoma really clean. I use the scissors less now that my delivery company pre-cuts my pouches to size, however they are useful if I ever need to adapt a hole or am trialling a new type of bag.

The wet wipes that I use are either provided by my delivery company or I use baby wipes (some people say you shouldn't use them but I have never had any problems.)

There are loads of different products available - and in the UK many of them are available on prescription however these are my essentials. I have reviewed several different products from suppliers either on the Product Review page or on my blog.