Some terms to help you search for more information (links will follow as we get permission)

Support Networks: - NHS supported website

Ileostomy Association.

Ostomy lifestyle.

Colostomy Association.

Urostomy Association


Specialist Clothing Suppliers

Comfizz (Stoma, hernia, post surgery underwear)

Vanilla Blush (underwear, swim wear, lingerie)


Other interesting links: - an intersting collection of post and comments about accessible toilets. There is a link to my blog on the post But you don't look disabled..

Facebook Groups:

There are several groups on Facebook, most are international and all have different rules about what you can and can't post. I joine a few and have removed myself from several as I felt they were very negative. 

Two that I particularly like are the Ostomyland page and Ostomy Lifestyle Athletes (a forum for people with stomas who enjoy sport).